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General conditions for renting GoRent24 rental vehicles


The Car Rental Agency (GoRent24) declares that the car being the subject of the lease is his property and is insured in the scope of NW, OC, has a valid technical inspection and is technically efficient. The Borrower declares that the rented vehicle will be used in accordance with its intended use and operational recommendations regarding the rental vehicle.



1. The Customer can be a natural or legal person.

2. A person who rents a vehicle on his own behalf or will use a vehicle rented by a legal person should be at least 18 years old and have the right to drive a rented vehicle. An additional identity document (ID card or passport) is also required.



3. GoRent24, after completing the formalities (writing down the contract, payment, etc.), transfers the vehicle for use for the period specified in the rental contract. The rental starts at the moment of handing over the car to the tenant and is counted based on full days (24h).

4. During the entire rental period, the vehicle remains the property of the Car Rental Agency and at his request, without a reason, must be returned.

5. On the date of issue of the vehicle, a final report will be prepared, which will determine the technical condition of the vehicle (damage, fuel condition, mileage, etc.) before its rental. The protocol for its validity should be signed by both parties of the lease agreement. If the Renter does not sign the report, it is considered that the technical condition of the vehicle is consistent with the one described by the Car Rental Agency.

6. The Renter is obliged to use the vehicle in accordance with its intended purpose, with due diligence in the operation of the vehicle and in particular to:

- having documents provided for by road traffic law

- securing the vehicle against theft (each time the vehicle is closed and alarms and locks activated)

- caring for the standard vehicle at your own expense, i.e. checking and possibly supplementing the washer fluid, coolant fluid, engine oil and other fluids

- checking the efficiency of lights and possibly replacing light bulbs

- compliance with applicable traffic regulations

7. The rented vehicle may not be subleased and lent to third parties.

8. The vehicle can not participate in sports competitions and rallies

9. Without the consent of the GoRent24, the vehicle may not leave the territory of Poland.

10. The Car Rental Agency should be notified without delay about the vehicle failure

11. Only the Renter is liable for any traffic offenses incurred during the contract period. The GoRent24 reserves the right to disclose the Customer to law enforcement authorities (eg Police or Municipal Police)

12. Smoking and carrying animals in the vehicle are prohibited

13. The GoRent24 reserves the right to substitute a vehicle other than the one reserved, if such a situation takes place, he undertakes to substitute a vehicle of the same class

14. It is forbidden to tow other vehicles



15. Payment for renting a vehicle is made in advance (before renting).

16. Payment can be made in three different forms:

- in cash,

- by credit or debit card (MasterCard, or Visa)

- transfer to a bank account

17. When signing the contract, the Renter pays the deposit to the GoRent24. The rental deposit is blocked on the Renter's account or paid in cash

18. If there are no grounds for retention of part or all of the deposit, the deposit will be released from the Renter's bank account within 14 business days of the end of the lease.

19. If it is necessary to retain part or all of the deposit, it will be settled within 14 days from the date of returning the vehicle at the latest.



20. The Renter is obliged to return the vehicle to the specified date, in identical technical condition as at the time of rental, cleaned and clean, and refueled in the same quantity as specified in the acceptance report, unless the parties agreed otherwise in the contract.

21. Extending the lease by more than one hour without informing the GoRent24 will result in charging for the next rental period.

22. If the Renter does not return the vehicle within six hours after the date specified in the rental agreement and does not contacts the Car Rental Company, it shall inform the law enforcement authorities about the theft of the vehicle and charge three times the daily rate for each day of delay. In addition, the above situation results in the loss of the deposit.

23. In the event that the Renter returns the vehicle before the deadline specified in the contract, no refund will be possible for the unused rental time.

24. On the date of return of the vehicle, an acceptance report will be prepared, which will determine the technical condition of the vehicle after its rental. The protocol for its validity should be signed by both parties of the lease agreement. If the Renter does not sign the report, it is considered that the technical condition of the vehicle is consistent with the one described by the GoRent24.

25. If for various reasons it is not possible to draw up the acceptance report at the time of returning the vehicle (eg the vehicle is dirty or is being returned to the unlit site), the GoRent24 will prepare the report as soon as possible (eg after washing the vehicle) and it is considered that the technical condition of the vehicle is in accordance with the one described by the GoRent24.



26. If the rented vehicle is returned with new damage (arising during the rental), the Car Rental Company will charge the Renter with an amount equivalent to the costs necessary to repair the damaged vehicle and will charge it with the costs of vehicle downtime (daily rate multiplied by the number of days needed to repair the vehicle), beyond the scope Insurance.

27. The exclusion of points 20, 21 and 22 is when the vehicle is damaged as a result of a road collision caused by third parties. In this case, the Renter is obliged to contact the GoRent24 as soon as possible, summon the Police to the place of the incident and obtain the data of the offender. In order to release the Renter from responsibility for the event, the Police must confirm the perpetrator's guilt. In the event of confirming the fault of the Renter , he will bear the costs of repairing the vehicle according to the price of the authorized service center + the cost of car downtime (the number of days in the service multiplied by the cost of one day's car rental)

28. In the case of a road collision, the Renter is obliged to secure the vehicle and prevent its further damage.

29. The Renter must immediately, within 2 hours of the event (including damage to the vehicle as a result of a collision) inform the GoRent24 about this fact. Otherwise, the Renter bears full responsibility and is obliged to cover all costs related to the event.

30. In the event of vehicle theft, the Renter must immediately inform the Car Rental Company, within 2 hours of the event of this fact of and return the keys and documents from the vehicle. Otherwise, the Renter will be charged an amount equivalent to the market value of the rented vehicle.

31. In the case of the vehicle's loss / theft committed by the Renter , it will be charged with an amount equivalent to its market value.

32. The Renter is fully liable and is obliged to cover all damages caused by driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs, or under the influence of drugs and other pharmacological agents that prevent driving a vehicle.



33. The Renter undertakes to cover additional costs and contractual penalties, and agrees to their settlement from a security deposit blocked on a credit or debit card:

- return of unwashed vehicle from outside and not cleaned inside - PLN 150,

- return of a vehicle that is not cleaned, which requires upholstery washing - 450 PLN

- returning the vehicle with less fuel - the cost of missing fuel plus 50 PLN.

- fee for providing Renter's data to law enforcement authorities (eg. Police, Municipal Guards) - PLN 150

- lost keys or card from the vehicle - 1000 PLN

- loss or destruction of documents from the vehicle - 1000 PLN

- failure to comply with the ban on smoking in a vehicle or transport animals - 600 PLN

- deliberate or grossly negligent damage to the rented vehicle - covering costs according to price list of authorized service + cost of car downtime (number of days in the service multiplied by the cost of one day of car rental)

- appropriation or replacement of parts and elements of vehicle equipment - covering costs according to price list for authorized service + cost of car downtime (number of days in the service multiplied by the cost of one and a half days of car rental)

- using the vehicle contrary to its intended use (eg. gross violation of traffic rules, excessive vehicle use, engine overload and all other activities leading to faster wear of any vehicle components) - costs according to the authorized service price list + PLN 600 + car downtime ( number of days on the site multiplied by the cost of one day's car rental)

- refueling the vehicle with the wrong fuel - 3500 PLN

- all additional costs are specified in the price list.

- The Car Rental Company reserves the right to retain the entire deposit and settle it within 14 business days in the event that the car is returned with incomplete equipment, eg. no spare wheel, no warning triangle, and other elements with which the car was rented. In each case of imposing a contractual penalty, an administration fee of 100 PLN is charged (contractual penalty + PLN 100 administrative fee)



34. The Customer has the option to purchase additional insurance:

- Insurance limiting liability in the event of personal injury up to the amount of the deposit. - 20 PLN / day lower class - 30 PLN / day middle class - 40 PLN / day higher class - 50 PLN / day premium class

- Insurance excluding liability in case of own damage and reducing bail up to 300 PLN (regardless of the vehicle class) - 30 PLN / day lower class - 45 PLN / day middle class - 60 PLN / day higher class - 80 PLN / day premium class

- A mandatory fee from drivers under the age of 21 - from PLN 20 / day

- A mandatory fee from drivers aged 21 - 25 years - from 15 PLN / day

- Assistance Abroad - 30 PLN / day - insurance guaranteeing the substitution of a vehicle abroad in the event of a breakdown. Time for substitution of the car is 24 hours from the notification by the Customer.



35. The Renter is allowed to use the rented car abroad, but only after obtaining the Lessor's consent.

36. In the event of a breakdown of the car outside the borders and the lack of insurance Assistance Abroad, the Renter undertakes to remove all defects and failures on his own, if the repairs amount does not exceed EUR 1,000. All repairs should be agreed with the Car Rental Company. The Car Rental Company covers the costs of repair based on the invoice and returns the costs incurred to the Customer upon returning the car.

37. In the event of a car breakdown outside the country and failure to inform the GoRent24 about a trip abroad, the Renter covers all repairs and costs related to the use of the vehicle on his own and the costs incurred are not refunded. In addition, the Renter shall bear the cost of PLN 500 + the amount of the deposit towards the contractual penalty resulting from the lack of permission to travel abroad.



38. The Renter undertakes to notify the GoRent24 of any changes to the terms of the tenancy at the earliest possible time.

39. In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply

40. The General Terms and the delivery-acceptance protocol are an integral part of the rental agreement.

41. For breach of any of these conditions, the GoRent24 has the right to retain part or all of the deposit.

42. The competent court to hear any disputes arising from this contract is the competent court for the place of the seat of the Car Rent Company

43. The rental contract has been drawn up in two identical copies, one for each of the Parties.


The Customer signs together with the contract a statement on familiarization with the above general lease terms and that they are understandable and fully accept them.


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